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Hello Folks, Welcome to the personal artist website of
Tresham Gregg... A Gateway to several artistic realms.
Climb aboard the Galactic Spirit Canoe for a journey
into the imagination of a hometown Alaskan Artist.

Tresham Gregg is a rare and unique multi-medium mystic
or fantasy artist who works in a number of mediums...
Woodcarving is his specialty, but he also does silk
screen printing, painting, metal sculpture,
talismanic jewelry, and puppet making and improv.

Tresham started off carving when he was a young teenager
growing up in Fort Seward, Haines, Alaska as a member of
a Boy Scout Troop learning Native art and culture,
creating regalia, and performing masked dance theater
shows of Native Legends - making the connection between
the wild animals of the land, sea and sky and the spirit
realm where animals take on human characteristics with
a supernatural perspective.
This experience inherently became part
of who he is as an artist.

Tresham likes to reveal and animate natural phenomenon
as spirit forces, like Northern Lights being Eagles or
Ravens or Aurora Dancers. He gets there through
impressionist treatments in various mediums;
somewhat abstracting, somewhat stylized, somewhat
fantasy treatments of form and flow.
Dance is the basic element in his work as it is
a connection to a subconscious guiding hand.
His spiritual philosophy is a mixture of Northwest Coast
Native spiritual thinking and Hindu Mythology.

Tresham is also an Artistic Adventurer, having traveled
to various places in the world to explore the arts of
different cultures, and to do unique artistic
involvements with local peoples.
He recently did a masked dance theater show in Panajachel,
Guatemala with local Mayan young people called
“Return of the Jaguar”.

Currently, he is fascinated with the world of puppetry,
making his own artistic puppets for showing and for sale.
Improving with hand puppets is a great connection to
different perspectives, humor and storytelling.

Everything is hand made by Tresham and his skilled
assistants mostly in his studios in Haines, Alaska.
If you have a specific item in mind, don’t hesitate to
contact Tresham.

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