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Hello Folks, Welcome to the personal artist website of Tresham Gregg... A Gateway to several artistic realms.
Climb aboard the Galactic Spirit Canoe for a journey into the imagination of a hometown Alaskan Artist.

Tresham Gregg is a rare and unique multi-medium mystic or fantasy artist who works in a number of mediums...
Woodcarving is his specialty, but he also does silk screen printing, painting,
metal sculpture, talismanic jewelry, and puppet making and improv.

Tresham started off carving when he was a young teenager growing up in
Fort Seward, Haines, Alaska as a member of a Boy Scout Troop learning Native art and culture,
creating regalia, and performing masked dance theater shows of Native Legends - making the
connection between the wild animals of the land, sea and sky and the spirit realm
where animals take on human characteristics with a supernatural perspective.
This experience inherently became part of who he is as an artist.

Tresham likes to reveal and animate natural phenomenon as spirit forces, like Northern Lights
being Eagles or Ravens or Aurora Dancers. He gets there through impressionist treatments in various mediums;
somewhat abstracting, somewhat stylized, somewhat fantasy treatments of form and flow.
Dance is the basic element in his work as it is a connection to a subconscious guiding hand.
His spiritual philosophy is a mixture of Northwest Coast Native spiritual thinking and Hindu Mythology.

Tresham is also an Artistic Adventurer, having traveled to various places in the world to explore
the arts of different cultures, and to do unique artistic involvements with local peoples.
He recently did a masked dance theater show in Panajachel, Guatemala with
local Mayan young people called “Return of the Jaguar”.

Currently, he is fascinated with the world of puppetry, making his own artistic puppets for showing and for sale.
Improving with hand puppets is a great connection to different perspectives, humor and storytelling.

Everything is hand made by Tresham and his skilled assistants mostly in his studios in Haines, Alaska.
If you have a specific item in mind, don’t hesitate to contact Tresham.

I hope you can check out our puppet videos on and subscribe to our channel.

Additionally, Tresham's imaginative puppet and dance shows are featured on the
Stage & TV Shows page at our Northwest Supernatural domain.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more details and the latest information and updates.

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~ 2020 Update! ~

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~ Tresham Gregg's Background & Offerings ~

Tresham Gregg has been an artist his entire life and grew up in Haines, Alaska
where he currently lives and operates his art galleries and workshops.
He also likes to travel doing artistic adventures wherever and whenever possible.

Not only does Tresham work in many mediums including woodcarving, jewelry making, silk screen printing,
puppet making, metal sculpture, and painting... He also teaches classes in woodcarving,
drawing, mask making and painting as well as doing puppet improvs and shows.

All of his work has a mystic bend to it, as it reflects his interest in supernatural realms and ancient mythology.

Not all of his work can be pictured online, but he can be contacted and
able to send you up-to-date pictures of what he has upon request.

He can also do commissioned work especially for you.

~ A Bit More About Tresham Gregg ~

Tresham's youth in Alaska was influenced most by his participation
in reviving the local Native Art and helping to produce a Native dance show.

Since then, he has created his own masked dance theater groups, children’s theater shows, puppet shows,
puppet jams, festivals and fairs, traveled extensively and done shows in several parts of the world.

Sometimes he also travels in the winter time for artistic adventure,
working on different projects with those who want to work with him.

The overall theme for his shows is transformation - in its many forms.

Currently, he has been in Tucson, Arizona teaching himself sheet metal art at the Sculpture Resource Center.
Before that he worked with Tim Clark, Burning Man Abraxis Dragon engineer,
to produce a huge Amazon Uprising Float and Parade in downtown Los Angeles.
And he played with puppets at the Fairy Festival in Desert Hot Springs.

All part of the Happiness Adventure at the moment.

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