Tresham Gregg

TRESHAM GREGG OF THE SEAWOLF GALLERY IN HAINES, ALASKA is a spiritual fantasy artist exploring spirit totems through creative shamanic thinking in masks, carvings, dance theater, talismanic tribal jewelry, puppetry and graphic art.

Welcome to the original art world of Alaskan Artist, Tresham Gregg, where spiritism, animisim and shamanism come together in woodcarvings, totem poles, masks, cast bronze sculpture, silk screen prints and talismanic silver jewelry to breathe a new life into the Northwest Coast Indian Art stylization.

This site lets you interact with Tresham Gregg to discuss his artwork, as well as let you purchase art directly and securely.

Additionally, Tresham's imaginative puppet and dance shows are featured on the Stage Shows page.

Tresham's art can be viewed and purchased online in the online gallery:

Older pages that are still being converted to the new website are as follows: